White House Placed On Lockdown On Memorial Day After Woman Throws Something Over Fence

So scary. The White House was reportedly placed on partial lockdown with President Obama inside on Monday afternoon, May 30, after a woman threw something over the north fence along Pennsylvania Avenue.

Shortly after President Obama returned to the White House from a Memorial Day speech at Arlington National Cemetery on May 30, a woman reportedly threw something over the north fence, leading the residence to be placed on partial lockdown.

The woman, who threw something over the fence, was eventually detained and placed in handcuffs, the Daily Mail reports. Then, fire trucks and a hazardous materials response unit were called to the scene, where they swept the grounds to ensure nothing dangerous was thrown over the fence.

Luckily nothing dangerous was found, and it was only a partial lockdown, so it only pertained to the north side of the White House and grounds.

But speaking of lockdowns, the White House was just placed on another one 10 days earlier, when gunshots were fired, allegedly outside the North Entrance of the building. Gunshots were allegedly fired on West Executive Drive, which is directly outside of the White House, according to ABC News. President Barack Obama was not inside the building nor present on the grounds at the time of the shooting, but snipers still kept a watchful eye on the grounds as U.S. Park Police investigated the gunshots. Luckily, no injuries or fatalities were reported, and a suspect was taken into custody after being shot in the abdomen, according to CNN.