I Turn Girls Down As A Result Of Little Penis. It Eats Me Up, Please Any Advise On What To Do?


I was born prematurely and my urethra didn’t develop all the way, so beyond the circumcision I think they had to get rid of a bit of the tissue at the tip. I’m not sure though because it’s something I’m never going to ask my parents and the doctor who did the surgery is in a different town.

So when I say really small, I’d wager about an inch flaccid, 3 hard on a good day. I masturbate a lot, and honestly I feel like as a result it’s getting smaller; I don’t know what it is, but I swear I could use to get it up to like 4.

Basically, I’m 19 now and am at the point of insecurity where I turn girls down after getting them interested because I’m choked to get in bed with them only to have them incredibly disappointed/shut me down. Of the two girls I’ve been with, one had never done anything so had nothing to compare to (I was her first kiss) but she still knew something was wrong. The other just didn’t say anything when I took my pants off and just let me try for a bit before she left (this was at a party).

A lot of it is that I have a lack of self-confidence once things get intimate, but what else can I do to make up for this? I’m tiny otherwise too. Only 5 foot 3, and between 125 and 130 pounds. No chance I keep growing. All I can think of doing is getting really jacked and blaming it on steroids, lol.

Sorry if this post is awful, I kinda just wanted to get this out. But any advice would be really appreciated/kind.

Thanks for reading.