Exciting! How To Get Rid Of Blackheads And Unwanted Facial Hair Yourself.

Blackheads can be removed easily and you don’t need expensive cosmetic products.
Also, the same natural mask for blackheads can remove unwanted hair from the face.
To create a natural mask which removes blackheads and unwanted face hair you need an egg white, but you should have on hand some wool or cotton pads sewn on the side. Once you separate the egg whites and beat them, you can begin to apply on your face like this:
After you apply egg white on face, take thin layers of wool and stretch them on face over egg whites. Avoid hair areas you do not want to shave – eyebrows and so on.
After you’ve applied wool all over the face you must leave the mask to dry completely. You can leave it on the skin for about an hour to make sure it is dry when you pull it over.
When you feel that the mask is completely dry, you can pull it out, but slow and not with a single motion because you can irritate your skin. If you didn’t get rid of blackheads on the first try, you can repeat the process over several days.