Blac Chyna Losses It On Rob Kardashian For Going Through Her Phone: That’s ‘Whack’


All is NOT well in Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian land! The couple has an explosive fight in this new clip from the Sept. 11 premiere of their show when Rob invades his pregnant fiancee’s privacy by looking at her phone. So what does Blac have to hide, anyway?

Blac Chyna, 28, and Rob Kardashian, 29, are learning how to handle a serious commitment and it’s not all smooth-sailing. The couple goes at it in the premiere of Rob & Chyna after Rob looks at Blac’s phone — which we all know is a no-no in any trustworthy relationship!

Text messages ding on Blac’s phone when she’s in the bathroom, and Rob picks up the device. “Yo, who’s this hitting your phone over and over?” Rob asks her from the other room. “I don’t know, what does the name say?” Chyna yells back. “And why are you even in my phone?” Uh, good question.

“And your password’s not the same as it was,” Rob adds, ignoring her inquiry. “Because maybe last time you went through my phone,” she replies, walking into the room. “And why you keep picking up my phone like you don’t trust me? That’s really whack.” Rob doesn’t let up, though. “It’s not that, it’s just I don’t get why you even care if I go through your phone,” he tries to explain. “Why are you going through my phone? There’s nothing in there,” Blac asks again, now visibly annoyed.

“Don’t you think that’s shady?” Rob fires back, and Blac’s jaw drops. “I might be talking to my mom or some sh*t — I don’t want you to be…” she trails off. “I’m not trying to read convos with your mom,” he says over her. “So what are you trying to read? Who do you think I’m texting, what do you think I’m doing?” Blac asks sarcastically.

“I don’t even understand why Rob would even think that I’m doing anything wrong,” Blac adds in a confessional. “I’m four months pregnant, I have two businesses that I’m running, I’m with King [Cairo] and I literally don’t leave the house so what could I possibly be doing?” Hm, seems like they’ve got a few issues to work out.