Here’s What Beyonce Got To Say About Kim Kardashian’s Nude Selfies


Beyonce, 34 knows that girls run the world, and she’s standing in solidarity with Kim Kardashian, 35, during the backlash she’s receiving for posting a nude Instagram.

A source says “Look, Bey respects Kim and thinks she’s awesome, “Beyonce would never knock Kim’s hustle. Bey thinks thinks Kim’s crazy talented because she’s a money making machine and has the internet and the media eating out of the palm of her hands. That said, Bey’s not into taking nude selfies. It’s just not her thing. She doesn’t see the point in snapping herself in that way and putting it on her page for all her followers to see.

“She doesn’t even like beingphotographed nude for magazines either. She’s shy. She only does magazine shoots because [Jay Z] and her team convinces her that it’s artistic. Bey has to be pushed to do those shoots while Kim does it on a Tuesday before breakfast. But hey, to each her own. Bey has nothing but mad love and admiration for the one and only Kim K.”